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Oracle Announces Latest Release of Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud

02 Oct 2012

Oracle Stack and Engineered Systems
Exalogic & Weblogic

New Configurations Deliver Extreme Performance and Higher Deployment Density for Application Workloads of All Sizes and Complexities

News Facts

  • Oracle today announced Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud X3-2, the second hardware generation of the company’s flagship engineered system for running business applications.
  • Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is hardware and software engineered together to provide extreme performance, reliability and scalability for Java, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Applications, Re-hosted CICS/IMS TP and other business applications, while delivering lower TCO, reduced risk, higher user productivity and one-stop support.
  • Incorporating the fastest and most modern CPUs, flash memory and network fabric technologies, the new Oracle Exalogic X3-2 builds on the recent release of Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0 to provide customers with extreme performance for the most highly mission-critical, large scale private cloud deployments at the infrastructure-as-a-service layer.
  • Oracle Exalogic X3-2 supports up to a 60x increase in application deployment density through the combination of hardware-assisted Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV), server virtualization and increased physical RAM (up from 2.9 TB in the X2-2 to 7.7 TB in the new X3-2 Full Rack configuration)
  • By fully leveraging the latest Intel® Core™ (Sandy Bridge) Xeon processors, Oracle Exalogic X3-2 delivers 3.5x better application performance than the original Oracle Exalogic X2-2 and incorporates 33 percent more CPU cores per configuration, increasing from 360 to 480 in an Oracle Exalogic Full Rack.
  • Oracle Exalogic X3-2 supports up to 95% reduction in application deployment time by providing full support for server, network and storage virtualization, along with IaaS management, which allows rapid deployment of applications using ready-to-deploy templates.
  • Full support for Oracle Exalogic’s new Trusted Partitions licensing model allows for flexible licensing of Oracle software. In addition, there is no price increase for Oracle Exalogic X3-2, so customers can get more hardware performance for the same cost.
  • Oracle Exalogic X3-2 incorporates Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0, and comes with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c management system right inside the box, for “single pane of glass” management, from application to disk.
  • The new Oracle Exalogic X3-2 systems are fully compatible with Oracle Exalogic X2-2 systems. Existing Oracle Exalogic X2-2 systems can also be upgraded with Oracle Exalogic X3-2 compute nodes.
  • Customers in 43 countries across 22 industries have already adopted Oracle Exalogic.
  • Oracle Exalogic allows customers and partners to reduce cost and complexity, eliminate business risk and protect and maximize return on their existing and future Oracle software investments.

Supporting Quotes

  • “Oracle Exalogic delivers the latest technical advancements within an engineered system designed specifically to help customers manage their most complex and demanding application workloads with elastic scalability, high availability and lower TCO,” said Hasan Rizvi, executive vice president, Oracle. “With the latest release of Oracle Exalogic, customers can experience extreme performance across critical applications and vast reductions in the complexity of their application infrastructures, while improving their time-to-market and further reducing IT risk and costs.”
  • “We chose Oracle Exalogic, Oracle Exadata, and Oracle WebCenter Content to support our new document centralization system over their competitors as they offer stable storage for petabytes of data and high processing speeds. We have cut the overall time spent each day on document-related work by around 85%, saved up to US$1.1 million in paper and printing costs, laid the foundation for a smart work environment, and supported our future growth in the competitive car industry,” said Kang Tae-jin, manager, General Affairs Team, Hyundai Motor Company.
  • “We chose Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud to boost the performance of our Service Activation Platform and other mission critical provisioning modules. We have already seen impressive more than 15x performance gains during the testing stage,” said Mr. Tawhid Rijwanur Rahman, General Manager Technology Division, Grameen Phone. “As the leading telco operator in Bangladesh reaching 36.5 million subscribers, we see the revamp of our existing IT infrastructure as a critical investment to support our long-term strategy to enhance customer experience and reduce churn.”

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Oracle EMEA Press Office
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